iOS & Android

The most innovative and commonly used mobile platforms that allow developers to provide users with high quality solutions in every place and at all times.


Java OSGi

A novel platform for implementing a dynamic component model within the Java environment.


Adobe CQ

A leader among professional content management systems within large-scale companies.


MRI Software

Industry-leading, comprehensive property management, reporting and accounting software.



We provide state-of-the-art software development solutions based on the extensive experience of our consultants. We use Scrum methodology and provide solutions based on Java, JEE, Spring, OSGi and AngularJS, as well as mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms.

We support our business partners by providing high-class specialists in implementing dedicated IT projects and expanding existing systems.

Our customers value our consultants for their extensive expertise in technology and vast experience in the industry. Our consultants are able to think outside the box and adopt innovative approaches to problem solving, thus offering our customers flexible and forward-looking solutions that provide a significant competitive advantage in the market.




iOS & Android

In our approach to mobile application design we focus on reliability, functionality and intuitiveness. It allows us to provide our customers with high-quality solutions, which in turn translates into user satisfaction. We use Scrum methodology and best practices in designing software architecture, algorithms and user interfaces.

java osgi

Java OSGi

We support our customers in developing Java-based systems with the use of state-of-the-art methodologies and frameworks. Our consultants have both extensive technological (Java, JEE, Spring, OSGi and AngularJS) and business experience (projects for companies operating in the following industries: banking, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, property management, insurance and FMCG).

Adobe CQ

We develop innovative and unique solutions with the use of the Adobe CQ platform. It allows us to quickly and effectively create interactive websites that require simple content management and personalization. A user-friendly and intuitive interface allows our business partners to freely edit their content without any specialist technical knowledge.


MRI Software

We support our customers by providing premium services in developing MRI Software systems. With us, our customers can automate their property management processes, increasing their competitive advantage and strengthening their market position. We make our MRI software systems both easy to use and effective by focusing on intuitiveness and quality.



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